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Spring 2015



Mayor Rob Ford: Uncontrollable, the behind-the-scenes account of the former Toronto mayor's rise and dramatic fall written by his former chief-of-staff Mark Towhey, and leading Canadian journalist Johanna Schneller, has a new publication date. The book will now be published on October 27, 2015.

In February 2013, Toronto’s former mayor, Rob Ford, was caught on video smoking crack cocaine. Weeks later, he was accused of groping a campaign rival, asked to leave a gala for being too intoxicated, and fired as the coach of a high school football team. The events were part of a stream of Rob Ford “mishaps,” which include a DUI, accusations of domestic violence, a trial in which the Toronto City Council stripped him of his powers, and even accusations of murder.

Through it all, Ford’s former chief of staff, Mark Towhey, stood by his side. Towhey was part of Ford’s inner circle. He responded to media questions regarding Ford’s drug and alcohol addictions, his anger management problems, and, of course, the video of Ford smoking crack. And when Towhey had a confidential conversation with Ford in which he told the Mayor to “get help”, he was fired.

Every other book, article and analysis of Rob Ford has been written from the outside—the story to date has always stopped at the closed door to the Toronto Mayor’s Office. Mayor Rob Ford: Uncontrollable (Skyhorse Publishing, $32.99) takes you behind that door, deep inside the mayor's inner circle and into the private late night conversations Ford had with Towhey, his most trusted advisor. He gives a candid insider account of working with Ford, covering for him, respecting his strengths, and managing his weaknesses. UNCONTROLLABLE is a stunning look at one of the world’s most publicly troubled men.

About the Authors:
Mark Towhey joined Rob Ford’s mayoral campaign in 2010 and, after Ford’s election, served as his chief of staff from August 2012 to May 2013. Today, he is a management consultant and the host of a radio show on Newstalk 1010. He lives in Toronto, Canada.

Johanna Schneller is a Canadian journalist who writes for publications such as The Globe and Mail, Vanity Fair, GQ, InStyle, and Toronto Life. The Toronto Film Critics Association named her “one of North America’s leading freelance journalists.” She lives in Toronto, Canada.

Praise for Mayor Rob Ford: Uncontrollable

“If you thought you had a fixed opinion about Rob Ford and his roller-coaster ride as Toronto’s mayor, this will add fact, nuance, and behind-the-scenes knowledge hard-earned by those who, like Mark Towhey, were immersed in the utter madhouse. This is a brilliant, rollicking tell-all, and there are places that that are screamingly funny. It’s written with such intelligence, honesty, wry self-awareness and generosity that it easily rises above the genre. —Christie Blatchford, journalist, National Post

“What a wonderful surprise: a book about Rob Ford that’s funny, heartbreaking, and smart. Everyone who watched the Ford circus had two questions: How did this happen? And what was it like inside? Towhey gives us the best answer we’ll ever have to both questions. Highly recommended.” —Paul Wells, bestselling author, award-winning columnist, and political editor for Maclean’s

“Impossible to put down. Upsetting, mesmerizing, funny, tragic. It was truly fascinating to re-experience the drama of the Ford saga through Towhey’s eyes.” —Sarah Fulford, editor, Toronto Life

Niki Jabbour wins the Gold Award for Best On-Air Talent!

Niki Jabbour, author of the bestselling, award-winning books The Year-Round Vegetable Gardener and Groundbreaking Food Gardens, has been awarded the 2016 Gold Award for Best On-Air Talent from the Garden Writers Association for her work on "The Weekend Gardener with Niki Jabbour," which celebrates eight years in 2015. This international award recognizes individuals and companies who achieve the highest levels of talent and professionalism in garden communications.

Niki, who lives just outside of Halifax, Nova Scotia, has produced and hosted "The Weekend Gardener with Niki Jabbour" for the past eight years. The live show airs every Sunday on News 95.7FM in Halifax and 1310 News in Ottawa, as well as online at She is also one of the personalities behind, the popular site that features four unique gardening voices. Niki is currently working on her third book, which will be published by Storey Publishing in 2016.

Distribution Notice: Schiffer Publishing

Thomas Allen & Son is proud to announce that it is the exclusive Canadian distributor for Schiffer Publishing. Schiffer is a family-owned publisher of illustrated and photographed non-fiction, specializing in books on antiques, architecture and design, arts and crafts, collectibles, lifestyle, pop culture, pin-up, tattoos, military and aviation history, and children’s titles. This will be the first time Schiffer has been distributed in Canada.

Our Fall 2015 Catalogues are Now Available!

We're pleased to announce that our Fall 2015 catalogues are here! See what new and exciting titles we have in store this upcoming season. Our catalogues can be viewed online and can be downloaded from our website.

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