New York Times Profiles Heather Rose, Author of The Museum of Modern Love

New York Times Profiles Heather Rose, Author of The Museum of Modern Love

Posted: 2018/11/28

The New York Times ran a fantastic profile of Heather Rose yesterday. In this warm and intimate piece the audience is introduced to both Rose, and her novel, The Museum of Modern Love, which critics have been raving about.

 “A meditation on love and creativity. In an ambitious admix of real-life figures, memorable fictional characters, and a ghost(!) or two, Rose guides an exploration of how best to live and, with distinction, how art might assist…”The New York Journal of Books

 “Museum of Modern Love is a tender meditation on art, love, grief, and life.” —Bustle

 “The Museum of Modern Love (Algonquin) is a light, easy novel, but it does shed insight into the mysterious Abramović, her personal life, and her artistic vision, as well as the fictionalized characters whose struggles mirror everyday realities.” –Vanity Fair

 “The Dazzlingly Original, International Award-Winning Novel.”—New York Magazine

  “The fundamental achievement of "The Museum of Modern Love" is to convey what was so riveting about "The Artist is Present," which for this reader — not a devotee of performance art — was far from obvious. Rose accomplishes this both through direct discussion of the work and by showing its effect on the lives of the characters… Performance art naysayers: You may like this book more than you would think.”Newsday

 “It acts as both a compassionate biography of Abramovic and a probing look at the nature of art, love and humanity…The book asks more questions than it answers, but it never tries to do too much, staying within the extended metaphor of an artist — Levin, Abramović, Rose — trying to engage with family or an audience or a reader, for however long a time they have together.”amNewYork