Jack the Ripper

Includes 30 CGI Reconstructed Crime Scenes in Forensic Detail

Jack the Ripper

By:  Begg, Paul
Bennett, John G

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TRUE CRIME / Murder / Serial Killers

Jack the Ripper: Reconstructing the Crime Scenes in Forensic

Detail is the only book that enables the reader to travel back into

the London of 1888 by recreating key scenes from Jack the

Ripper's murders in pin-point accuracy, using the power of CGI.

Through detailed and atmospheric crime scene recreations, plus

thoroughly researched text written by experts in the field of Jack the

Ripper, this book explores the movements of each victim, the

position of witnesses and the location of various buildings and

streets to give the reader the most complete view to date of the

gruesome crimes that shook Victorian society.

Paul Begg has worked in newspapers, television and publishing. He

has written extensively on Jack the Ripper, including Jack the Ripper:

The Uncensored Facts, Jack the Ripper: The Definitive History and

Jack the Ripper: The Facts. He is also the author of Into Thin Air, The

Scotland Yard Files and Mary Celeste: The Greatest Mystery of the

Sea. Paul was formerly the editor of the Ripperologist magazine and

has appeared as an historical advisor on several television



John G Bennett has written countless articles on Jack the Ripper and

the East End of London. He has acted as advisor to documentaries

made by British, Canadian and German television channels and was

the co-writer for the successful Channel 5 programme Jack the Ripper:

The Definitive Story.