Capturing the Universe

The most spectacular astrophotography from across the Cosmos

Capturing the Universe

By:  Evans, Rhodri

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SCIENCE / Astronomy
The very best images captured by the new generation of terrestrial telescopes, orbiting telescopes and deep-space probes and landers have been collected in this magnificent volume. Detailed captions explain the equipment and techicalities of producing such images, which are not only mesmerising but also provide a huge amount of information about the geology and atmospheres of celestial bodes, and the formation of distant galaxies. From the world's gigantic telescopes in the Canary Islands, Hawaii and Chile to the New Horizons probe now heading into the Kuiper Belt to examine other icy mini-worlds, each page reveals extraordinary images that take us deeper into our universe. Our enduring fascination in our solar system and the wonders of the universe is now being fed by images of breathtaking detail, whether from data sent back 7.5 billion kilometres to bring Pluto into focus, or our first direct encounter with a comet by the Philae lander.

Rhodri Evans is an experienced and enthusiastic science communicator. He appears regularly on the BBC talking about Astronomy and Physics and has also been on US radio and TV. He is a research fellow at Cardiff University and lectures on Physics and Astrophysics.