End Your Addiction Now

The Proven Nutritional Supplement Program That Can Set You Free

End Your Addiction Now

By:  Gant, Charles
Lewis, Greg

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Whether it involves drugs, alcohol, smoking, or food, addiction is an overwhelming and destructive force. While many rehabilitation programs are available, the truth is that too many people return to their old habits. Why? End Your Addiction Now not only explores the biochemical factors that are the real cause of this problem, but offers proven advice on how to break addictions once and for all.

Based upon the research and experience of Dr. Charles Gantand other pioneers, this practical handbook provides simple step-by-step directions for kicking the habit. Perhaps most unique, End Your Addiction Now is designed both to guide its readers to effective physicians and treatment facilities, and to provide a path for those who wish to seek wellness on their own.

At the heart of Dr. Gant’s approach is a distinctive program of nutritional supplements designed to jump-start recovery by reducing substance cravings. Dr. Gant then walks readers through a natural process of detoxification and biochemical testing that pinpoints the specific deficiencies that must be addressed to achieve complete recovery.

"The future direction of addiction treatment is here clearly outlined. I strongly recommend End Your Addiction Now to all who are involved in the huge addiction problem facing the United States."Joseph D. Beasley, MD, PhD, Director AddictionEnd.com

Charles Gant, MD received his medical degree from the University of Virginia, with residencies in Family Practice and Psychiatry. For over a decade, he has pioneered the practice of orthomolecular medicine in the treatment of substance abuse. He has served as medical director of Tully Hill Hospital, a rehabilitation facility in Syracuse, New York, where he achieved an 83-percent success rate in ending patients’ addictions.


Dr. Greg Lewis received his PhD in English from Kent State University and has been a member of the faculties of Kent State and St. Bonaventure University. For the past twenty years, he has worked as a professional freelance writer.