Essential Yoga Book and DVD

Essential Yoga Book and DVD

By:  Kenny, Gena

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6.5 X 8.8 in
64 pg


Essential Yoga shows you how to devlop your strength and flexibility while inproving your concentration and willpower. Yoga is more than just an excellent form or exercise, it is also a spiritual and mental practice.

With this 64-page book, written and modelled by fitness, health and yoga instructor Gena Kenny, there is a range of yoga poses to suit beginners and those at  more of an advanced level. Essential Yoga includes an introduction to Yoga and its principles, information on the purpose and benefits of yoga proactice, step-by-step instructions, full-colour instructional photographs and expert tips.

The owner of Ohana yoga studio in Port Melbourne, she is a magical lady, who beams love and light and truly walks her talk.  She’s full of compassion and kindness.