The Woman’s Guide to Running for Office and Changing the World


By:  June Diane Raphael
Kate Black

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POLITICAL SCIENCE / Political Process / Campaigns & Elections
POLITICAL SCIENCE / Women in Politics
POLITICAL SCIENCE / American Government / General

“Over the last few years we’ve seen a remarkable surge of women running for office, and even better, winning. Running takes courage, passion, and commitment, but it also takes books like this. June and Kate have created a wonderful resource for women as they think about taking the leap.” 
—Hillary Rodham Clinton

“Running for office is hard work. Too often, women—especially women of color—lack the resources and role models to help them figure out if, when, where, and how to run. Represent provides these women with a roadmap to leadership. It’s an essential addition to our arsenal in the fight to give more women and other underrepresented communities a seat at the table (ideally at the head of the table!). If politics is the art of the possible, then it’s time to redefine what’s possible. Represent gets us one step closer.”
Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal (WA)

“Approachable and practical… [It’s] an indispensable resource for women considering a political run.” – Library Journal, starred review

“This timely, step-by-step guide will appeal to women of all ages who are considering a political career.”Booklist

“[A]n indispensable resource for women with any interest in public service; its advice is a powerful bridge from vague dreams to making them happen.” – Publishers Weekly

“A first-of-its-kind workbook full of tools, inspiration and tips for women running for office” –Bust Magazine

"This book is chock-full of what-to-expects and how-to-handles, and trust me, you're going to need them all."– Bustle


A comprehensive, lively, interactive woman's guide to running for office that comes with a sense of humor and of style. Practical, how-to text is combined with elements of a workbook/planner to inspire potential female candidates, whether they're running for office on the local, state, or national level (from school board to senator).

June Diane Raphael is an actress, comedian, screenwriter, producer, podcaster, and most recently activist. She is currently starring in the Netflix series Grace and Frankie as Brianna, Jane Fonda's entrepreneurial daughter; she also has a supporting role in the forthcoming film Flarsky (February 2019). She has appeared in dozens of films and television shows and is a veteran of Upright Citizens Brigade. Together with her husband, Paul Scheer, she hosts the popular podcast How Did This Get Made? She is the mother of two children and lives in Los Angeles.

Kate Black is currently a policy advisor in the federal government and formerly the Chief of Staff and Vice President of Research at EMILY’s List, the largest resource for women in politics. She served as Executive Director of American Women, a nonpartisan research organization working to uplift the voices of women and the issues they care about. She has helped elect candidates up and down the ballot and across the country. Committed to bringing change in her community, she cofounded a free salary negotiation program for 15,000 women with the City of DC, AAUW, and the Younger Women’s Task Force. She lives in Washington, DC, with her husband and son.