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The Turquoise Table

Finding Community and Connection in Your Own Front Yard

The Turquoise Table
Kristin Schell By (author)
Ginny Welsh Read by
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RELIGION / Christian Life / Personal Growth
RELIGION / Christian Life / Relationships
RELIGION / Christian Life / Women's Issues


The Turquoise Table,through a simple act of redefining hospitality, shows how you can connecta neighborhood, build a community, and create deep connection with those around you.

Are you consumed with a busy life but unsure how to slow down? Do you desire connection within your community and think, “That’s lovely, but I don’t have time for that” or “I can’t create that”? What if there was another way through it all, a way to find those moments of peace and to create a time for honest, comfortable connection? What if you could find true community in your own front yard?

Kristin Schell unfolds her story of discovering that hospitality can be simple and creates community through the concept of The Turquoise Table.

Stress-free ideas, simple tips, and funny and heartwarming stories make it a breeze to create your own Turquoise Table community right in your front yard.

Give yourself a chance to make the meaningful connections, to relax and find peace, and to create community in your own front yard—all starting with a single, simple act.