The Newlywed Table

A Cookbook to Start Your Life Together

The Newlywed Table

By:  Zizka, Maria

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304 pg

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A cookbook encouraging newlyweds to cook at home, cook as a team, and set up a home kitchen they’ll want to cook in day after day; with recipes for classic and modern dishes to build the couple’s culinary arsenal, plus a keepsake element so couples can record their cooking and entertaining efforts.

“A cookbook is a popular wedding present, so why not gift one specifically written for a new duo? The Newlywed Table makes the brilliant assumption that both spouses will be getting their hands dirty at mealtime: ‘Let’s do away with any notions of who should be responsible for cooking and start with a clean slate,’ writes author Maria Zizka. ‘You’re in this together. You’re a team.’ This solid, basic guide is full of modern recipes with origins in diverse culinary traditions. A section on ‘Common Cooking Issues and How to Fix Them’ is a godsend. And there’s a recipe for Chocolate Toast. Um, hello. Newlywed I am not, but my husband of 13 years and I will find much to work with here.”

“This book is charming and straightforward; practical, informative, and putting you at ease all at the same time. And fun. Newlyweds now have this to guide them, side by side, learning the kind of recipes they’ll want to pass down in their family.”
—Elisabeth Prueitt and Chad Robertson, Tartine Bakery
“These simple yet mindful and perfectly pitched recipes and suggestions spur in the reader a yearning for cooking, for gathering friends, and for building a home. I am convinced that the divorce rate would plummet if only The Newlywed Table were made required reading for all those walking down the aisle.”
—Suzanne Goin, A.O.C. and Lucques
“Food is meant to be shared! Humble and plenty cravable, Maria’s recipes strike a delicious balance between comfort and decadence.”
—Christina Tosi, Milk Bar

Maria Zizka is a cookbook writer and recipe developer who was named by Forbes as one of the most influential people under 30 in the world of food and drink. Zizka has coauthored numerous award-winning cookbooks, most recently Tartine All Day, Everything I Want to Eat, and This Is Camino. This is her first solo cookbook. Zizka lives in Berkeley, California, with her husband, Graham Bradley. Find her on Instagram @mariazizka.