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The Bird Watching Answer Book

Everything You Need to Know to Enjoy Birds in Your Backyard and Beyond

The Bird Watching Answer Book
Laura Erickson By (author)
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Learn the how’s and why’s of bird behavior, from flirtatious mating practices and gorgeous birdsong to flying south for the winter. In this lively reference book, Laura Erickson addresses hundreds of real-life questions sent in to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, the world’s foremost authority on birds. With expert advice on bird watching techniques and equipment, feeding and housing birds, protecting habitats, and much more, Erickson guides you through the intricacies of the avian world with a contagious passion for our feathered friends.

Author Bio

Laura Erickson is the author of seven bird books, including The Bird Watching Answer Book, and is co-author of Into the Nest. She has served as an editor of Bird Scope magazine and a columnist and contributing editor for Birdwatching magazine and she contributed editorial content for the All About Birds website. She also writes and produces a daily radio segment about birds.  She lives in Duluth, Minnesota.