Grow Your Own Herbs

The 40 Best Culinary Varieties for Home Gardens

Grow Your Own Herbs

By:  Belsinger, Susan
Tucker, Arthur O.

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COOKING / Specific Ingredients / Herbs, Spices, Condiments
GARDENING / House Plants & Indoor

Fresh herbs are a kitchen staple, and this hardworking guide details how to grow and use the 40 most important culinary varieties.

“Large color photographs illustrate the beauty of the plants in flower and what the useful parts of the herb look like.  For those using herbs culinarily, this is both a guide for beginners and a reference that can be used at any level.” —Booklist

“Recommended for anyone interested in homegrown herbs for cooking.” —Library Journal

“Readers will find useful information without being overwhelmed by detail. Practical advice is augmented through helpful diagnosis and treatment sections addressing common problems likely to be encountered by readers, such as plant diseases and pests.” —Choice

“This is herb growing 101.” —Simply Southern Mom

Susan Belsinger has written and edited more than 25 books and hundreds of articles about gardening and cooking. A flavor artist, Belsinger delights in kitchen alchemy—the blending of harmonious foods, herbs, and spices.


Arthur O. Tucker is a botanist specializing in the identification and chemistry of plants of flavor, fragrance, and medicine. He is the research professor and director of the Claude E. Phillips Herbarium.