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Fearless Gardening

Be Bold, Break the Rules, and Grow What You Love

Fearless Gardening
Loree Bohl By (author)
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Timber Press

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256 pg

GARDENING / Garden Design
HOUSE & HOME / Outdoor & Recreational Areas
GARDENING / Ornamental Plants


Fearless Gardening urges home gardeners to be bold, break the rules, and grow what they love.


"At last—a book that empowers and inspires gardeners to follow their own path in the garden." —Georgina Reid, editor and creative director, The Planthunter

Fearless Gardening encourages you—exhorts you—to boldly go forth and claim your garden as a space of joy and creativity.” —Jennifer Jewell, creator and host of public radio’s Cultivating Place
“By heeding Loree’s excellent advice, you can plant what you’ve always wanted and it will thrive, no matter where you live.” —Debra Lee Baldwin, author of Designing with Succulents and Succulents Simplified
“Blasts the tired, oft-repeated ‘rules’ of gardening into smithereens and cheers on experimentation, planting what thrills you, and zone pushing.” —Pam Penick, owner, Penick Landscape Design, and author of The Water-Saving Garden
“Loree has a sharp eye for the bold and the unusual, both in plant choices and in plant combinations, and it is a delight to have a whole book full of her observations.” —Brian Kemble, curator, the Ruth Bancroft Garden
“They are our gardens. We make the rules. Loree gives us the courage to create the garden we see in our minds and feel in our hearts.” —Steve Aitken, editor, Fine Gardening
“Reveals the ways that cutting-edge gardens are shattering stereotypes.” —Panayoti Kelaidis, senior curator and director of outreach, Denver Botanic Gardens

“Gardeners aspiring and experienced may feel emboldened and inspired to break the rules.” —Booklist

“Would-be gardeners intimidated by the thought of taking the plunge will find plenty of encouragement to go forth with confidence and creativity.” —Publishers Weekly

“All gardeners can learn a lot by reading Fearless Gardening and thinking through how to work around the limitations of their environment.” —Late to the Garden Party

“If you think gardening should be an adventure, this book is for you!” —Garden Design Magazine

“Page after page of inspiration featuring bold plants, found objects, and, of course, more plants! With droll humor and infectious enthusiasm, Bohl provides all the encouragement needed to stop worrying what the neighbors think or what is the right way to garden and just start planting.” —Digging

“An invaluable primer, and not just for growing desert and tropical plants in less-than-ideal climates.”—A Growing Obsession

Author Bio

Loree Bohl maintains the popular website, The Danger Garden. In addition to freelance garden writing, scouting assignments, and speaking engagements, Loree has served on the board of directors for the Hardy Plant Society of Oregon, the Pacific Horticulture Society, and the Garden Bloggers Fling Advisory Committee.