The Beginner's Guide to Making and Using Dried Foods

Preserve Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs, and Meat with a Dehydrator, a Kitchen Oven, or the Sun

The Beginner's Guide to Making and Using Dried Foods

By:  Marrone, Teresa

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Drying fruit, vegetables, and beans and creating fruit leather, meat jerky, and herb blends at home is easy, safe, and satisfying. Photographic step-by-step instructions offer detailed guidelines on drying and enjoying dozens of popular foods. ​

“Simple and easy, dehydrating foods intensifies their natural delicious flavors so they're ready for snacking and to add to your favorite soups and stews, cakes, and cookies. This book is chockfull of practical advice and plenty of wisdom.” ―Beth Dooley, author of In Winter’s Kitchen

“Food dehydration is preservation at its purest, oldest, humblest form. If you thought you would be just drying your fruits and vegetables, keep reading. Soon you will be making your own dried snacks and soups, even cereal—for convenience, backpacking, or gifts.” ― Kirsten Shockey, author of Fermented Vegetables and Fiery Ferments

“In this era of super storms, having a supply of dehydrated foods just makes sense, and this is the book to guide you on your path.” ― Andrea Chesman, author of The Pickled Pantry and The Backyard Homestead Book of Kitchen Know-How

“The most comprehensive book on drying food I have ever seen.” ― Barbara Pleasant, author of Homegrown Pantry

“Indispensable for anyone diving into the cost-saving, flavor-boosting world of home preservation.” ― Alana Chernila, author of The Homemade Pantry and Eating from the Ground Up

Teresa Marrone is the author of several cookbooks, field guides, and regional books. She is very active in her local food scene and has written food-related profiles and features for a variety of magazines. She lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.