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Tipping the Scales, Leveraging Change, and Having It All

Touré Roberts By (author)
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RELIGION / Christian Life / Personal Growth
RELIGION / Christian Life / Inspirational
SELF-HELP / Self-Management / Stress Management


Touré Roberts presents a guide for successfully navigating the one constant in life--change--and how to use it to gain great advantages in life. Balance will teach you how to leverage change to achieve more than you thought possible, live with a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment, and augment your potential in relationships and productivity.

Change is the force that continually throws our lives off balance. Our first instinct is to stiff-arm the influence, yet our continuously moving universe is proof of how natural and divinely inspired change is for a healthy, vibrant life. So, instead of resisting it, what if we learned to harness it and allow it to shape us into the individuals we were created to be?

With vulnerable stories of his own journey and others, national bestselling author Touré Roberts will encourage and empower you to embrace the divine strategy of using change to shape an exciting narrative for your life. Exploring both revelatory approaches and pragmatic wisdom for finding balance, this essential and timeless guide will help you align with your unique purpose and calling, no matter where you are in life.

In each illuminating chapter, you'll find applicable principles and prompts for self-evaluation. You'll learn how to:

  • Quickly identify imbalances in your life and respond before crisis hits
  • Keep your most vital relationships fed and thriving
  • Achieve peace, even when facing big challenges
  • Find inspiration and tools for getting back on your feet after losing balance
  • Care for yourself so you can be there for others
  • Successfully re-prioritize when your essential responsibilities change

This revolutionary perspective about change will change your life. In Balance, you will discover that life uses every moment in our existence to nudge us toward a greater version of ourselves and a life well worth living. You will learn to recognize and interpret these proddings toward change that will lead you into Balance and the blessings that follow.

Author Bio

Touré Roberts is founding pastor of The Potter's House at One LA, one of the fastest growing churches in Los Angeles, and senior pastor of The Potter’s House of Denver. He is the author of Purpose Awakening and is a sought-after international speaker. Roberts has established the Artist Resource Center, a not-for-profit organization that provides artists and marginalized youth with free tools, knowledge, and practical training. Roberts is the son-in-law of megachurch pastor and author T. D. Jakes. He and his wife, Sarah, live in both LA and Denver with their six children.