Take Five

A Crang Mystery

Take Five

By:  Batten, Jack

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5.5 X 8.3 in
256 pg

FICTION / Mystery & Detective / General

     It's the long-awaited return of the jazz-loving, vodka-swilling, criminal lawyer and detective Crang!

"Batten seemed to come into the world (...) with the sort of prose style that everyone else spends years developing."Toronto Star

"Crang is attractive, witty, and unflaggingly irreverent...a winner."Books in Canada

"Irresistibly deadly."Brian Greenspan, criminal lawyer

"When his long-time client disappears without paying her fee, Crang takes the reader along for a ride as refreshing as a glass of Stoli served with just the right number of ice cubes."

Deryn Collier, author of Confined Space

"Batten's insights into the ups and downs of Toronto life are so intimate one would swear he and the city have been secret lovers for years."

Morley Torgov, author of The Mastersinger from Minsk

"A pleasing cast of characters, a nod for one of the world's great cities, and a vintage excursion with a storyteller who knows his plot."John Brady, author of the Matt Minogue mystery series

"[I]n Take Five, Batten's latest mystery, he has written a witty and clever tale revolving around a unique plot that keeps his readers intrigued as they scramble to figure it out alongside his main character. Like a fine wine, the [Crang] series--and its protagonist--have aged well. [A]n extremely enjoyable read that made me want to retrace Crang's steps through Toronto."Toronto Star

Jack Batten, after a brief and unhappy career as a lawyer, has been a very happy Toronto freelance writer for many years. He has written thirty-five books including four crime novels featuring Crang, the unorthodox criminal lawyer who has a bad habit of stumbling on murders that need his personal attention. Batten reviewed jazz for The Globe and Mail for several years, reviewed movies on CBC Radio for twenty-five-years, and now reviews crime novels for The Toronto Star. Not surprisingly, jazz, movies and crime turn up frequently in Crang's life.