Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom: Raptor Rescue

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom: Raptor Rescue

By:  Rowlands, Caroline

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9.0 X 10.0 in
32 pg

JUVENILE FICTION / Animals / Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Creatures

Carlton's official Augmented Reality book is jam-packed with exclusive movie imagery and background facts, and lets you experience original Jurassic World dinosaurs through mind-blowing next-generation, fully interactive Digital Magic. Learn how to bond with and train alpha Velociraptor "Blue", then use her as your protector and guide as you encounter other dinosaurs through the app. 

Caroline Rowlands is a children's author with a wealth of experience in writing for children from pre-school to teens. Titles she has worked on include activity, educational and story books as well as many popular children's brands and licensed properties.