Ultimate Eye Twisters

Ultimate Eye Twisters

By:  Sarcone, Gianni A.
Waeber, Marie-Jo

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6.5 X 6.8 in
192 pg

JUVENILE NONFICTION / Games & Activities / General
GAMES & ACTIVITIES / Optical Illusions

Ultimate Eye Twisters is a bumper collection of crazy and mesmerizing optical illusions and visual puzzles. It contains hours of eye-boggling, mind-twisting fun for kids who love the challenges of visual trickery.

Gianni A. Sarcone is a passionate author, inventor and designer with more than twenty years of experience in the fields of visual creativity, recreational mathematics and educational games.

His artworks and feature articles on educational topics and creative thinking are published and syndicated in magazines, newspapers and books. Sarcone has written several books on brain games, critical thinking and on the mechanism of vision.

He combines visual art, psychology, cognitive sciences and logic paradoxes to test people's ingenuity and to prompt the curious to look beyond what seems obvious, to think and to see outside the box. He conducts training workshops that enhance and challenge the minds of youngsters and adults alike. He is cofounder, editor and webmaster of Achimedes' Lab Project, a consulting network of experts specializing in developing creativity.


Gianni A. Sarcone and Marie-Jo Waeber are co-founders of Archimedes' Laboratory, an Italian-based training and consulting network of game designers that specialises in developing creativity. They invent, create and develop interactive thinking games and optical illusions.