The Definitive Guide to Horror Movies

365 Films to Scare You to Death

The Definitive Guide to Horror Movies

By:  Marriott, James
Newman, Kim

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PERFORMING ARTS / Film / Genres / Horror

Packed with photographs of the most terrifying scenes in cinema history, Horror is the definitive guide tracing the story of horror, decade-by-decade. Providing a witty and informative critique of over 300 films and several TV series and the literature that accompanies them, this offers a superb introduction for beginners as well as something new for the die-hard horror fan.

Horror is one of the most popular and influential genres in cinema, a perennial favourite that just won't stay dead. Initial banned or shunned creations are now regarded as movie milestones with cult appeal. This book covers the hidden gems, big-budget duds and foreign contributions of the Horror scene. Whether you're a seasoned, horror expert or a tentative horror explorer, this is the ultimate guide through a century of fear.

James Marriott has written about horror films in a full-length study, Horror Films, which was selected by The Times as one of their film books of 2004, a series of essays for Creation Books and articles for magazines and websites including cult periodical Headpress (‘Essential reading’ – Fortean Times).


Kim Newman has written numerous acclaimed and successful novels and short stories. He writes slightly more disreputable work as Jack Yeovil, has written for a wide variety of magazines and journals, is a contributing editor for both SIGHT AND SOUND and EMPIRE, and has appeared on (and scripted) a great many radio and television programs, ranging from high-end arts reviews to tacky quiz shows and horror host DR TERROR.