Nordic Bakery Cookbook

Nordic Bakery Cookbook

By:  Miisa Mink

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Revel in the delights of baking from Scandinavia and the Nordic region with this treasure trove of the tastiest and most traditional recipes. 

Finnish-born Jali Wahlsten had a vision of bringing Nordic ‘dark rye bread, cinnamon buns and coffee’ to London and in 2007 opened the Nordic Bakery in Soho. This, the bakery’s first cookbook, was conceived by Jali’s wife Marianna Wahlsten, a journalist and photographer, and written by Miisa Mink, an investor in the business. Miisa comes from a family of passionate bakers. She has had a successful career in branding and design, but in 2007 she decided to leave the corporate life and become a partner in the Nordic Bakery.