Wrinklies Classic Joke Book

Jokes, gags, and one-liners for the older generation

Wrinklies Classic Joke Book

By:  Haskins, Mike
Whichelow, Clive

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192 pg

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Sometimes it takes a mature mind to really appreciate the most classic of jokes. Wrinklies Classic Joke Book is the joke book for those who look back wistfully at the real golden age of comedy. Packed full of jokes, stories, proverbs and funny observations all relating to the elder generation, this is not a book that mocks the old - it is a joke book specifically designed for oldies, so look out you little pipsqueaks - you probably won't understand half of them!

Mike Haskins is a comedy researcher and writer of books, jokes and sketches. He has written for comedians Smith & Jones, Hale & Pace and Rory Bremner, as well as for the following television and radio shows: Dead Ringers, It's Been a Bad Week, Smack the Pony, among others. He co-wrote the best-selling Man Walks into a Bar, the successful Laugh, Cackle & Howl Joke Book, and Classic Comedy Quotes.


Clive Whichelow is a freelance journalist and comedy writer. He has written for Rory Bremner, Jonathan Ross, Spitting Image and many others as well as for the Mail on Sunday, the Daily Express, the Mirror and various magazines. He has also contributed to two editions of the 'Journolists' books. Clive has also published a number of humour titles.