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Cord Magic

Tapping into the Power of String, Yarn, Twists & Knots

Cord Magic
Brandy Williams By (author)
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304 pg

BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Magick Studies


Blessed Threads & Magic Twists

Cord magic is one of the easiest and most satisfying ways to make magic. This book shows you how to quickly and effectively twist your own magical cords, with specific tips for choosing colors, setting your intention, charging the cords, and incorporating powerful knot spells. You will discover dozens of hands-on instructional worksheets and specific projects for a myriad of magical purposes, including protection, transitions, finding new love, improving your creative life, celebrating a handfasting, and many more. Author Brandy Williams also includes guidance for working with embellishments, capturing the power of astrological signs, unmaking a cord, and choosing the best materials.

Cord magic is portable and versatile—you can twist a cord in a matter of minutes, whether you're at home or out in public. You can wear a magically charged cord as an accessory or simply carry one in a pocket or bag. This book explores the history of cord magic and it teaches everything you need to know about the tools and techniques you need to create your own magical twists and knots.

Author Bio

Brandy Williams is a Wiccan high priestess, a Pagan Magician, and a Tantric yogini. She is an elder in Coven of the Mystical Merkabah, which was founded in 1984. She has worked with the Golden Dawn group Temple of Light and Darkness and with Ordo Templi Orientis. She meets regularly with the Theurgy Forum hosted by Hercules Invictus, which brings teachers of theurgy together in public conversation. Currently she studies Shri Vidya with a private teacher. She teaches at magical conferences in person around the country and virtually around the world. She is also a master gardener and lives with two partners, three cats, and a dog. Visit her online at