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Your Blood Never Lies

How to Read a Blood Test for a Longer, Healthier Life

Your Blood Never Lies
James B. LaValle By (author)
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A standard blood test indicates how well the kidneys and liver are functioning, the potential for heart disease, and a host of other vital health markers. Unfortunately, most of us cannot decipher these results ourselves, nor can we even formulate the right questions to ask about them—or we couldn’t until now.

In Your Blood Never Lies, best-selling author James LaValle clears up the mystery surrounding blood test results. In simple language, he explains all of the information found on these forms, making it understandable and accessible. This means that you can look at the results yourself and know the significance of each marker. Dr. LaValle even recommends the most effective conventional and  complementary treatments for dealing with any problematic findings. Rounding out the book are the names of test markers that should be requested for a more complete physical picture.

A blood test can reveal so much about your body, but only if you can interpret the results. Your Blood Never Lies provides the up-to-date information you need to take control of your health.


"Arguing that blood tests should be read much like trends in the stock market, LaValle urges readers to probe deeply and examine the results, employing the blood test as a preventive-care tool that can help ward off such problems as diabetes and heart disease . . . This patient-empowering text will help readers decipher their blood test results, and, more importantly, it serves as a guide to preventative care." Publishers Weekly

" . . . taking a closer look at your results might lead to making healthy changes." Newsday - Peggy Brown

"In an era when health care is being reduced often to imaging studies and lab tests, Your Blood Never Lies . . . emerges as a valuable tool to layperson and physician alike . . . a thorough examination of an area in which far too many patients have known far too little for far too long." Neil Raff, MD - Neil Raff, MD

Author Bio

James B. LaValle, RPh, CCN, ND, has been involved in natural medicine for over twenty years. Known as “America’s Pharmacist,” he is a nationally recognized figure in the field of natural therapeutics. Dr. LaValle’s experience ranges from extensive clinical practice, product design and formulation, and technology development, to author, educator, and media personality. He maintains a clinical practice at Pro Scan International.