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Wolves of the Yukon

Wolves of the Yukon
Bob Hayes By (author)
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Wolves of the Yukon

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278 pg

NATURE / Animals / Wolves


Bob Hayes researched wolves in the Yukon for 20 years. Using a combination of narratives and easy-to-follow essays, his book follows the history of the Yukon wolf from the end of the Ice Age to present day. Bob also explores his original research into wolf relations to moose, caribou, mountain sheep, ravens, grizzly bears and human hunters. In the last chapter he tells us why broad-scale killing of wolves to increase game should end. Finally, Wolves of the Yukon raises profound arguments about how to value and conserve one of the largest remaining tract of complete wilderness on the continent.


I am always skeptical of "yet another wolf—book" hitting the markets because all too often authors are pumping out words to capitalize on a market hungry for such material. Facts end up getting rehashed and rehashed until the life is beat out of it. However, I found this book so powerful as to leave me craving for more at the end of each chapter. I even experienced that doleful feeling that rarely overcomes me when I realize I am nearing the end of the book! This is some wolf book!
Dick Thiel, retired biologist and educator, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Author Bio

Bob Hayes
was the Yukon wolf biologist for nearly two decades. He radio—collared hundreds of wolves, pioneering research on the kill rate by wolves on moose, Dall's sheep and woodland and migratory caribou. He also studied the effects of wolf control on wolf and prey populations, guiding original research on non—lethal ways of controlling predation. He has published in in wildlife science journals and academic books, and was a member of the IUCN Wolf Specialist Group. He is retired and he and his wife, Caroline, have lived in the Yukon for 42 years.