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A Modern Parents' Guide to Nursery Rhymes

Because It's Two O'Clock in the Morning and You Can't Remember "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star"

A Modern Parents' Guide to Nursery Rhymes
Jennifer Griffin By (author)
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A much-needed remedial course in nursery rhymes for the modern parent, who wants to sing to his or her baby but can't remember what happened to Little Jack Horner, Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary, and Little Miss Muffet, not to mention the intricate finger game of finding Thumbkin. Here are 80 classic poems, songs, lullabies, rounds, and riddles---all the words a parent needs for bedtime and playtime!--with downloadable music for singing along.

Author Bio

Jennifer (“soft and white”) Griffin is the author of Humpty Who? and the mother of two. As a Jennifer—the most common name of her generation— she has been obsessed with names her whole life. She and her husband live in New York City with their son, Luke (“worshipful”), and daughter, Josephine (“God adds”).