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Easy Campfire Cooking

200+ Family Fun Recipes for Cooking Over Coals and In the Flames with a Dutch Oven, Foil Packets, and More!

Easy Campfire Cooking
Colleen Dorsey By (author)
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Fox Chapel Publishing

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128 pg

COOKING / Methods / Outdoor


You'll find many recipes for a variety of fun cooking methods like cooking on a stick, in a foil pan, on a skillet, with a pie iron and more.

Author Bio

Colleen Dorsey is a writer specializing in the craft and hobby industry, and an editor at Design Originals and Fox Chapel Publishing. Colleen has edited books on many topics, including foam and paper crafts, jewelry making, and children's crafts. She graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a degree in creative writing, and in her spare time she enjoys writing fiction, making jewelry, and upcycling findings into crafty new items.