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A Traveller's History of England

A Traveller's History of England
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TRAVEL / Europe / Great Britain


This book gives a comprehensive and enjoyable survey of England's past from prehistoric times right through to the present. All the major periods of English history are dealt with, including the Roman occupation, and the invasions of the Anglo-Saxons, Vikings and Normans, and the power struggles of the medieval kings. The reformation, the Renaissance and the Civil Wars are discussed, as well as the consequences of the Industrial Revolution and urbanism, and the establishment of an Empire, which encompassed a quarter of the human race. In the 20th century the Empire has been transformed into the Commonwealth, two victorious, but costly, World Wars have been fought, the Welfare State was established, and membership of the European Community was finally achieved.


"This compact volume... delivers a solid, comprehensive and entertaining overview of England's history... a delightful source." Library Journal

Author Bio

Christopher Daniell is a British archaeologist and historian specializing in Medieval Studies. He now works for York archaeological Trust.