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Heal the Witch Wound

Reclaim Your Magic and Step Into Your Power

Heal the Witch Wound
Celeste Larsen By (author)
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BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Witchcraft (see also RELIGION / Wicca)
BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Healing / Prayer & Spiritual
BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Inspiration & Personal Growth


A practical guide for modern witches and healers with rituals, journal prompts, visualization exercises, and other tools.
The “witch wound” is a collective, intergenerational, psychic wound that has scarred people, mostly women, for centuries. The roots of this wound run deep, going back to the historical witch hunts, the “Burning Times,” when tens of thousands of innocent individuals were accused of practicing malicious magic and executed in the most inhumane ways. And extending perniciously beyond the accusations and murders was a general persecution and marginalization of people who were suspected of having certain “powers.” The fear created by this oppression was passed down from generation to generation, becoming embedded not just in individual bodies and psyches, but in the collective unconscious.
Today, though not true everywhere, witchcraft is often now embraced as a tool for self empowerment and healing; yet the scars of the Burning Times remain. Many would-be witches turn away from the craft out of fear that they will be judged, shamed, mocked, vilified, or rejected by the people around them. This same sense of fear and shame causes many practicing witches and earth-based spiritualists to keep their beliefs hidden safely “in the broom closet.” This is the witch wound at work.
In Heal the Witch Wound, author Celeste Larsen, a pagan, witch, and ritualist, guides modern witches (as well as pagans, energy workers, occultists, and other spiritual individuals) on the path of healing the witch wound. It unfolds in three parts:
  • Part I journeys back into the Burning Times. This section demystifies this dark era in history by providing a well-researched overview of the European witch trials. It also includes a compelling analysis of the key factors that contributed to the witch craze, namely patriarchy, capitalism, imperialism, and religious tyranny.
  • Part II is rooted in the present moment and explores the most common signs and symptoms of the witch wound: fear of speaking up and being seen, hiding spiritual gifts, feeling disconnected from the divine, past-life memories, and more. The author shares personal stories of her own experiences with these symptoms and teaches readers how to identify the witch wound in themselves.
  • Part III branches into the bright and brilliant future, offering an abundance of practices (both magical and mundane) to help readers heal the witch wound: step-by-step rituals, exercises, journal prompts, affirmations, visualizations, and other tools.


“Even now, the witch wound still bleeds, and many of those who choose to claim the name witch are accepting an invitation to heal this soul-injury. Healing the witch wound can only happen when the history is examined; in the absence of such accounting, the healing becomes a fruitless pursuit. With the understanding of how the witch wound is inextricably linked to the horrors of capitalism and colonization, healing this centuries-old wound becomes the most potent shadow work a witch can do. Celeste Larsen’s Healing the Witch Wound is a rare achievement that discusses the witch wound with historical depth and also offers practical invitations to heal the wound on a personal and collective level. It is an essential addition to any witch’s library.” —Danielle Dulsky, author of The Holy Wild 

“In Heal the Witch Wound, Celeste Larsen addresses a topic that every witch needs to examine at some point: reconciling the word and concept of witch with its deeply complicated history. Celeste explores how to process the tension of self-identifying as ‘other’ in a society that depends on labels and imposed boundaries. And she provides rituals, exercises, journal prompts, and meditations to uncover and work through feelings of reticence, uncertainty, fear to help you affirm your own authenticity and expression as a witch.” —Arin Murphy-Hiscock,author of The Green Witch

“Do you ever find yourself hiding your tarot practice from family members, downplaying your love of astrology, or feeling like a freak for being a witch? In Heal the Witch Wound, Celeste Larsen normalizes such feelings. Larsen starts with a history of the witch hunts and ends by offering accessible but effective rituals to help work through the ancestral trauma they have caused and step into your magick.” —Sophie Saint Thomas,author of The Glamour Witch

Heal the Witch Wound offers an insightful perspective on the historical causes of the trauma that many self-identified witches experience to this day. But more than that, it is a call to action!—not only to heal ourselves of past intergenerational trauma but also to lovingly and openly accept ourselves as witches. With a better understanding of our shared witch wound, we can work toward healing it, collectively.” —@witchofcolorado

“Celeste Larsen provides an informative overview of the history and struggles of past witches, while also offering guidance and inspiration for those seeking to embark on a magical journey of healing and self-discovery. By deepening our connection to the natural world and reconnecting with the self, readers can gain a deeper understanding of their own personal power and discover a nourishing spiritual path.” Leah Middleton, creator of The Redheaded Witch

“Celeste Larsen has written a powerful book addressing a core wound that so many seekers of magic have to deal with throughout their journey. In Heal the Witch Wound, we are reminded of the persecutions and harassment that those who practiced magic were forced to endure, with the addition of modern perspectives that will resonate with a new generation of witches. Most of all, in uncovering and articulating these wounds, Larsen illuminates a path to deep healing. This one should be on any magic lover’s shelf!” —Briana Saussy, author of Making Magic: Weaving Together the Everyday and the Extraordinary

Author Bio

Celeste Larsen is a Pagan witch, writer, ritualist, and esoteric business owner. She authors the blog Mage By Moonlight where she writes about a range of esoteric topics, including folk magic, Norse Paganism, polytheism, animism, ancestor veneration, ritual practice, magical self-healing, and more. Originally from Texas, she currently resides in beautiful County Cork, Ireland. Visit her at or @magebymoonlight on social media.