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Science Was Wrong

Startling Truths About Cures, Theories, and Inventions They Declared Impossible

Science Was Wrong
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SCIENCE / History
BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Unexplained Phenomena


Two months before the Wright brothers' historic flight at Kitty Hawk, a top scientist declared that "no possible combination of known substances, known forces of machinery and known forms of force can be united in a practical (flying) machine..." Germ theory was first advanced in ancient Sanskrit texts thousands of years ago, but wasn't widely accepted until late in the 19th century.

Space travel was declared "utter bilge" in 1956 by the British astronomer Royal, one of a long line of scientists who "proved" it was impossible.

Throughout history, it has been difficult, even impossible, to promote the acceptance of new discoveries. Yet during the last two centuries, there has been a veritable explosion of new cures, theories, techniques, and inventions that have revolutionized aviation, space travel, communications, medicine, and warfare.

Most of them, of course, were deemed "impossible."

Science Was Wrong is a fascinating collection of stories about the pioneers who created or thought up the "impossible" cures, theories, and inventions "they" said couldn't work. How many have suffered or died because cures weren't accepted? How many inventions have been quashed? How much progress was delayed or denied?

You will end up shaking your head in disbelief and even disgust as you learn the answers.


"Stanton Friedman and Kathleen Marden offer example after example of what happens when good people fail to step back and look at not only the details, but the big picture. Sometimes it's those we love most who we chastise hardest, and in the case of this book, the authors' love for scientists and the scientific community is evident in this epic wake-up call."

--George Noory, host, Coast to Coast AM

"When considering the historical record of scientific experts, from their views on manned flight and atom bombs to germs and Global Warming, the one constant seems to be that mostly they were wrong. Perhaps it is time for the public to consider alternative sources of information, such as this book."

--Jim Marrs, author of the New York Times best-sellers Crossfire and Rule by SecrecyReviews

Author Bio

Stanton T. Friedman is a nuclear physicist who worked on a wide variety of advanced, classified nuclear systems for major industrial companies. He began the civilian investigation of the Roswell Incident; wrote Flying Saucers and Science and TOP SECRET/MAJIC; and coauthored Crash at Corona, Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience, and Science Was Wrong. He has appeared on hundreds of radio and television programs. Friedman resides in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.

Educator and sociologist Kathleen Marden is Betty Hill’s niece and trustee of her estate. She is the director of the Mutual UFO Network's Experiencer Research Team, an on-camera commentator, and international lecturer.