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Fancy Fins and Classic Chrome 1000-piece Puzzle

Fancy Fins and Classic Chrome 1000-piece Puzzle
Marc Arundale Created by
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Willow Creek Press

Limited ***

10.0 X 12.0 in
1 pg

TRANSPORTATION / Automotive / Antique & Classic


Celebrate the America of the 1950's and our early fascination with artfully designed new automobiles and our continuing passion for the open road in this Marc Arundale painting. �Proudly made in the U.S.A., the 1000 precision cut, fully-interlocking pieces are poly-bagged for protection inside an attractive 12" x 10� box.� Completed puzzle measures 26.625" x 19.25�.

Author Bio

Hi I came to London with my portfolio after getting my BA Hons in Graphic Design in Newcastle, I dragged my illustrations round all the magazines and art directors I could manage! I had my first commission from NME music mag and was great to see it published in a national publication! I went on to have posters on the Underground commissioned by Saattchi and Saattchi. So I have worked as a freelance illustrator for the next 18 years or so, up to today. I have worked for Book Publishers, magazines, advertising, newspapers and Design Companies. I used a montage Retro Vintage style with worked on photocopies, then moving on to working with Photoshop scanning and manipulating images, creating fresh Retro flavoured imagery usually  with a humorous element, recreating the 50s era in a brighter and more vibrant version! I now have a Bonkers range of vibrant Retro Vintage styled Greetings Cards in 8 different ranges for lots of different occasions, choose from mad sci-fi childrens cards to funny, daft and humorous Birthday cards! also a range of 1950s influenced Christmas Cards and more bonkers ranges! See my new Wild West range! So plenty of colour and funny, crazy characters to catch your eye! Choose from 100 different cards so far!  All come with envelopes and cello wrapped at sensible prices. See my cards at Retro Cards 020 8673 1449 or Illustration at