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Evergreen Talent

A Guide to Hiring and Cultivating a Sustainable Workforce

Evergreen Talent

Red Wheel Weiser

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5.3 X 8.5 in
208 pg

BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Human Resources & Personnel Management
BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Mentoring & Coaching


“A smart, sensible approach—filled with practical ideas and tips, to win the war for talent. Without a plan for developing and growing your talent, you will spend countless resources and money on recruiting and hiring—only to see them walk out the door soon after." —Sandy Rezendes, Head of Strategic Onboarding, Citizens Bank
Finding the right talent is hard. Finding the right talent that will prosper and stay is even harder. Business growth is being stifled and fields of office cubicles remain empty due to the fierce competition for talent today with job openings having recently surged to a record high: 6.55 million.

Evergreen Talent will show you how to attract, find, and keep employees for the long-term. What many organization leaders fail to understand is that you can’t simply transplant a competitor’s talent strategy and achieve the same results―just as you can’t take plants suited to a warm climate and expect them to thrive in chillier locales. The conditions are too different. But a company that takes the time to examine its own environment, select talent accordingly, and nurture its people will stand tall, regardless of economic conditions.

In Evergreen Talent Roberta Matuson, aka the Talent Maximizer, challenges leaders to think differently about their approach to growing a sustainable workforce―one that will regenerate regularly, with minimal effort on their part. The book is filled with pragmatic advice, case studies, and best practices from companies that have done this successfully. Also included are tools to help readers assess their workplace environment and populate their organization with talent that will continue to grow, year after year.


“She really tries to get below the surface of an issue and knows what questions to ask to do so. I believe we will not only hire more efficiently but also more effectively as a result of our work with Roberta Matuson.” - Amy Waryas, director of human resources, the Boston Beer Company
  - Amy Waryas

“A comprehensive, actionable guide to the single most important ingredient of any organization’s success—attracting and retaining great talent on a sustainable basis.” - Jerry Golub, Vice Chairman and former CEO, Price Chopper Supermarkets/Market 32
  - Jerry Golub

“Roberta once again gives us a smart, sensible approach – filled with practical ideas and tips, to win the war for talent. Without a plan for developing and growing your talent, you will spend countless resources and money on recruiting and hiring – only to see them walk out the door soon after. Thank you Roberta for a clear plan for growing our talent!" - Sandy Rezendes, Head of Strategic Onboarding, Citizens Bank
  - Sandy Rezendes

Evergreen Talent is the first book on talent that synthesizes people, processes, sustainability, and social conscious. Read this book before you hire or promote anyone ever again. You owe it to your business and yourself.” - Alan Weiss, PhD, author of Fearless Leadership and over 60 other books in 15 languages
  - Alan Weiss

“If your aim is to retain and engage employees, look no further than Roberta’s fruitful blueprint for building a workforce that grows and gives back in return.” —Aron Ain, Chairman and CEO, Kronos Incorporated, and author of WorkInspired - Aron Ain

“In Evergreen Talent, Matuson provides a bounty of ideas to grow work teams.” - Talent Development Magazine

Author Bio

Roberta Chinsky Matuson is the CEO Of Matuson Consulting, a top management-consulting firm established 20 years ago, which has helped organizations of all kinds—including GM, Microsoft, and Best Buy—achieve dramatic growth and market leadership through maximizing talent. Matuson was named one of 2018 LinkedIn Top Voices for Management & Workplace. She is quoted regularly in media such as the Wall Street Journal, Working Woman, MSNBC.com, NPR, Fox Business News, and CNN. She blogs for Fast Company, Forbes and Glassdoor, and speaks regularly to large professional and lay audiences and has eight courses with Lynda/LinkedIn. Visit matusonconsulting.com for more information.