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Someone Else's Life

A Thriller

Someone Else's Life
Lyn Liao Butler By (author)
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5.5 X 8.3 in
300 pg

FICTION / Thrillers / Suspense
FICTION / Thrillers / Psychological
FICTION / Thrillers / Domestic


A new life in paradise should have healed her wounds. But for a woman struggling to hold on to her family and her sanity, one stormy night could change everything.

Blow by blow, Annie Lin’s life crumbles. Her dance studio goes bankrupt. Her mother and beloved dog are gone the same year. Then a terrible accident leaves her young son traumatized.

It’s time for a change.

Palm trees, mai tais, peace and quiet—Annie should be at ease, safe in her new Kauai home with her husband and son. She hopes proximity to her family can provide them all with a sense of belonging and calm. But soon items from her past start turning up—her dog’s collar, a bracelet that disappeared years ago—and she has the unnerving sensation she’s being watched. Reality begins to fracture, and Annie’s panic attacks return. When, during a brewing storm, a woman appears on her doorstep looking for shelter, Annie is relieved to have the company and feels an unexplainable bond with her visitor.

As the night progresses, Annie realizes the woman is no stranger. Their lives are inextricably intertwined—and Annie might just lose everything.


“A skillful by-the-numbers thriller with its share of nice touches.” Kirkus Reviews

“Well-developed characters and plenty of local color add to the slowly simmering plot, which builds to a strong and unexpected climax. Alfred Hitchcock fans will be satisfied.” Publishers Weekly

“Chilling from page one, Someone Else’s Life is an unputdownable descent into two women’s parallel lives. With genuine jaw-dropping twists and enough seeds of doubt to populate a very wicked garden, Butler’s debut thriller is a breath of fresh Kauai air.” —Eliza Jane Brazier, author of If I Disappear

“Lyn Liao Butler has mastered the art of full-body-tense suspense in this fresh take on the ‘stranger in the house’ concept, which will have you racing to the end even as your blood pressure increases and you have to remind yourself to breathe.” —Amanda Jayatissa, ITW Thriller Award–winning author of My Sweet Girl

“A chilling and immensely readable psychological thriller, Someone Else’s Life simmers with menace as an unsettling encounter reveals the darker side of paradise and the fractures in a seemingly perfect life.” —Heather Chavez, author of Blood Will Tell

Someone Else’s Life is the read that every thriller lover needs. Atmospheric and character-driven, this story of two women’s parallel lives at times disturbed me, then brought me to tears within the same page. The slow build that Butler executes seamlessly translates into a satisfying ending that took me by wine-soaked surprise.” —Elle Marr, Amazon Charts bestselling author of Strangers We Know

“Get ready for the storm, and brace yourself! Lyn Liao Butler’s psychological and suspense-building thriller packs a punch with provocative prose, layers of heart-racing conflict, and so many plot twists and turns that I read it in one sitting.” —Samantha Verant, author of The Spice Master at Bistro Exotique

“A captivating and atmospheric thriller with twists and turns that kept me guessing until the very end. There’s so much to love here: the Hawaiian setting, an animal shelter with adorable doggos, a female MC who isn’t perfect but is striving to find her footing after a mysterious accident, and an ever-increasing creep factor with the backdrop of a tropical storm. Eager to see what Lyn Liao Butler writes next!” —Kate Lansing, author of Killer Chardonnay

Someone’s Else’s Life is an atmospheric thriller with a twisty plot that will keep you guessing to the very end. I’m a big fan of Lyn Liao Butler’s diverse contemporary fiction, and her debut thriller proves her talent as a multifaceted author.” —Anita Kushwaha, author of Secret Lives of Mothers & Daughters

“Gripping, twisty, and clever, Someone Else’s Life unfolds in a tantalizing slow burn, building to a heart-thumping, tense, breakneck crescendo. With astonishing twists and a pulse-pounding plot, this is a thriller that will leave you gasping for breath.” —Samantha M. Bailey, USA Today and #1 national bestselling author of Woman on the Edge and Watch Out for Her

Author Bio

Lyn Liao Butler was born in Taiwan and moved to the States when she was seven. Before becoming an author, she was a professional ballet and modern dancer, and is still a personal trainer and fitness and yoga instructor. She is an avid animal lover who fosters dogs and volunteers with rescues. When she is not torturing clients or talking to imaginary characters, Lyn enjoys spending time with her FDNY husband, their son (the happiest little boy in the world), and their three stubborn dachshunds; sewing for her Etsy shop; and trying complicated yoga poses on a stand-up paddleboard. So far, she has not fallen into the water. For more information visit