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This is How I Roll: A Bathroom Companion Book Softcover

A Poo-Pourri of Jokes, Puns, Trivia, Puzzles & More!

This is How I Roll: A Bathroom Companion Book Softcover
David Olenick By (photographer)
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Willow Creek Press

Limited ***

6.0 X 9.0 in
112 pg

ART / General
HUMOR / Topic / Adult


2-ply or not 2-ply, that is the question. Get your coffee and your mind percolating as you squat down to enjoy the best seat in the house with the #1 book for when you're going #2. This Is How I Roll will clog your mind with slightly irregular facts as you plunge into a potpourri of puzzles, brainteasers, jokes, crosswords, and trivia just for sh*ts and giggles.

Author Bio

I'm inspired by anxiety, embarrassment and profanity. I live in New York City and come up with most of my ideas in bars or restaurants, where I drink until I'm funny. I enjoy haunting the city's museums, avoiding carbs, and going around telling people that simple designs are actually the hardest kind to create.,,