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Broccoli, Love and Dark Chocolate

Because food, love and life should be delicious!

Broccoli, Love and Dark Chocolate
Liz Pearson By (author)
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Whitecap Books Ltd.

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8.0 X 10.0 in
304 pg

COOKING / Health & Healing / General
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HEALTH & FITNESS / Diet & Nutrition / Nutrition


Liz Pearson, author of several upbeat and inspirational cookbooks, including the bestselling Ultimate Foods for Ultimate Health and The Ultimate Healthy Eating Plan is back, with a new book featuring her signature mix of delicious, extra-healthy recipes and heartfelt life lessons that inspire.
Liz says, "How is this book different? The goal of my last three books was to get you healthy. The goal of this book is to get you healthy and happy. How wonderful is that!" Liz wants every one of her readers—and their families—to live the best life possible—a life full of laughter, love, good health and good food. Liz has included bite-sized, reader-friendly, science-backed nutrition advice along with totally tasty and stress-free recipes made with superfood ingredients. Another fresh and exciting highlight of the book is the life lessons—one with every recipe— about love, friendship, gratitude, honesty, courage and forgiveness, just to name a few. Liz's inimitable and exuberant writing style rounds the whole book off, making it a must-have for anyone who wants to kick-start their health and happiness goals.


"While this is a cookbook, there is much more to it, such as showing ways to keep the body mor fit, keeping off the fat, and just feeling good about ourselves. With each recipe comes a life lesson, so you can add recipe book and profound advice to get us through each day.
"The book will mean different things to different people, and whether you want it for recipes, the life lessons or advice on getting healthier, the main thing is adding it to your collection."
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Author Bio

Liz Pearson
Liz's mission is to inspire "deliciousness" in all aspects of life. Through healthy eating, love and adventure, Liz believes that a person can live life to its absolute fullest. She is the author of several cookbooks on healthy eating, including Whitecap bestseller and 2008 Cuisine Canada Gold Award—winner Ultimate Foods for Ultimate Health . . . and Don't Forget the Chocolate with Mairlyn Smith, and When in Doubt, Eat Broccoli. Liz is a registered dietician, a motivational speaker, a consultant and a media spokesperson.