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The Christmas Crumb

The Christmas Crumb
Lou Treleaven By (author)
Alex Willmore Illustrated by
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Maverick Arts Publishing Ltd

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9.7 X 9.8 in
32 pg

JUVENILE FICTION / Holidays & Celebrations / Christmas & Advent
JUVENILE FICTION / Social Themes / Values & Virtues


A truly Christmassy story, which has an important message about how although something may seem small to you, it might mean everything to someone else. A magical story, written in rhyme by prolific author, Lou Treleaven and illustrated by award-winning illustrator, Alex Willmore.

A family of giants are enjoying a Christmas feast with an enormous Christmas Yule Log as the centerpiece! However, when the princess drops a crumb, she worries about wasting it but Mom reassures her "it is only a crumb". But that crumb rolls out of the castle and ends up in Pip and his mom’s sparse cottage—it is a Christmas gift! They dig in but when Pip drops a crumb; that crumb rolls into a mouse hole where it will help them survive the winter. Yet again a crumb breaks off and this time rolls on to feed a whole army of ants, eventually ending up being eaten by a flea.

A beautiful story, which is the perfect book to share at Christmas.


"A royal family of giants is enjoying a feast when an itsy, bitsy crumb rolls off of their dessert, which resembles a traditional yule log. The daughter is concerned but the mother scoffs that a crumb is 'quite unimportant.' Little do they know that just below a hungry family is about to have a feast of their own when that crumb crashes right through their door! Each family after this proceeds in the same way, hungry for food or something new, when a spectacular 'crumb' from the previous family rolls into their lives. Readers meet mice, ants, and finally a very happy flea as the book wraps up its wholesome message of how meaningful even a seemingly small thing can be. This tangible way of presenting an important idea is a great way to introduce thoughtfulness and generosity to kids.

Treleaven's rhyming couplets make the story hop along easily for a read-aloud and sets the happy atmosphere that will follow the characters (and the crumb). Willmore's accompanying illustrations are simple and use color tones that match a Christmas book well, incorporating plenty of reds, greens, whites, and yellows. Some pages host small details that young readers will love pointing out, such as the expressions of background characters or the decorations."—Youth Services Book ReviewBlog

Author Bio

Lou Treleaven lives next door to a farm in Bedfordshire, England, with her family, a silly dog called Honey and a cat called Badger. She has written plays, picture books, and junior fiction.
Alex Willmore lives in Northampton, UK, and completed a degree in illustration for children's publishing. Alex went on to work both in-house as a greeting card designer and illustrator.