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Which Nose for Witch?

Which Nose for Witch?
David Crosby By (author)
Carolina Coroa Illustrated by
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Maverick Arts Publishing Ltd

Limited ***

9.7 X 9.8 in
32 pg

JUVENILE FICTION / Fantasy & Magic
JUVENILE FICTION / Social Themes / Self-Esteem & Self-Reliance
JUVENILE FICTION / Social Themes / Adolescence


A young witch teaches everyone about being happy with who you are


"Jolly rhyming quatrains tell of little witch Grizelda's coming of age ritual of choosing her grown-up 'witchy' nose. At 'The Conk Boutique' with her mother she looks at rows of noses in jars. But each nose she tries on has a disadvantage—the pointy one gets in the way while eating ice cream, etc. Finally Grizelda sees her reflection in the store window, and decides to keep her own nose. She's completely okay with being the first witch to keep her baby nose. This is a lighthearted, sweet story of self acceptance and confidence in choosing to be different from everyone else. Although not Halloween related, it's a cute, non-scary witch story for anyone looking for a gently supernatural picture book. The art, which looks digital, has a fall orange and brown palette, and Grizelda is an adorable witch in training with freckles and a hairband."—Youth Services Book ReviewBlog

"A young white witch knows her own mind—and nose—in this story about self-confidence. When the day comes for Grizelda to follow tradition and choose her adult witch nose from the bumpy, warty, hairy options at the Conk Boutique, she’s game. But after trying on several contenders, she shockingly insists on abandoning the mission, much to her mother’s chagrin. While mother and daughter discuss the matter, Griz sees the perfect nose staring back at her from her reflection in the shop window and makes a firm decision to buck convention altogether. Crosby’s rhyming text sustains a jaunty tone while accurately capturing the drama, and Coroa’s lineup of noses, sealed in jars on the Conk Boutique’s shelves, are frightful indeed."—Publisher's WeeklyJournal

Author Bio

David Crosby used to read loads of children's picture books from his local library, pretending they were for his son George. Nowadays, David writes children's picture books himself!
Carolina Caroa has had a passion for illustration since she was a child. She studied communication, fashion design, and drawing techniques in Brazil and worked on her concept art skills at Pictoplasma Academy in Berlin.