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Rugby Redzone

Rugby Redzone
Gerard Siggins By (author)
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Listen to all about Kim and her friends at Sports Academy where, with the help of eccentric, genius coaches, they are transformed into serious players in their own sports.

Five kids with one dream, to become the greatest sports stars in the world!

Follow Kim as she trains to be the best at her favourite sport: rugby! Kim has been at the best – and most mysterious – sports academy in the world for a few months now. She and the rest of her class were selected because they all shared a determination and willingness to improve.

Now the gang are on their way to Japan for the rugby World Cup – but they’re going to need some more teammates. The best place to find them is another cutting-edge sports school like theirs. But is there another in the world? And can they form a team in time?

'A tale to inspire underdogs of every sporting persuasion.'
Evening Echo

Irish Independent

'A new series by the author of the best-selling Rugby Spirit books ... a ripping yarn … packed with secrets and mysteries and adventure, as if the sports themselves didn’t have enough to begin with.'
Irish Times

Author Bio

Gerard Siggins was born in Dublin in 1962. Initially a sports journalist, he worked for many years in the Sunday Tribune , where he became assistant editor. He has written several books about cricket and rugby.