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Pocket Guide to Sewing Notions

Carry-Along Reference Guide

Pocket Guide to Sewing Notions
Sue O'Very-Pruitt By (author)
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Learn everything you need to know about every kind of notion, how to use them properly, and how to care for and store them! From understanding the difference between permanent and wash-away adhesives, what size rotary cutter you need, the proper way to store scissors, and so much more, this guide is perfect for keeping with all of your craft supplies and taking with you to the store when deciding which notion you need next.

Author Bio

Author Sue O'Very-Pruitt is the owner of Sookie Sews, formerly Sue O'Very Designs, a BERNINA ambassador, and a notion expert. Sue also owns an online store that specializes in machine embroidery designs. Whether on her YouTube channel (Sookie Sews), in her blog posts, or when teaching in-person, Sue has a knack for simplifying sewing and making the many details memorable and easy to understand. Drawing on her degree in fashion design, her experience in leatherwork, and years of designing and making costumes, she enjoys teaching beginners how to sew and all the essential skills they need to know—from fundamental sewing techniques to working with stabilizers and notions to machine embroidery. With the love and support of her husband, Joey, and her daughter, Heidi, Sue continues to create new and clever ways to bring machine embroidery sewing to her audience. You can find Sue on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook @SookieSews and her website