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Stop Asking "How Was Your Day?"

444 Better Questions to Help You Connect with Your Child

Stop Asking "How Was Your Day?"
Daniel J Crawford By (author)
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We’ve all been there: The kids come home from school tired and distracted, and we try to connect with them by asking the same questions day after day. Well, this book will help you find the right questions to connect with your child today and every day.

“How was school?” “What did you learn today?” “Did you have fun?” If we are lucky, we might get a little more than “Fine” or “It was good” in return. Maybe we're asking the wrong questions. The good news is that this book will help you find the right questions to connect with your child every day. Stop Asking "How Was Your Day?" is an invaluable tool that can be used again and again. Easy to flip through while waiting in the pickup lane outside school or before sitting down to dinner, this book provides diverse and open-ended questions for parents of schoolchildren of all ages and walks of life. Some questions are fun, some are thoughtful, and some are silly. Ultimately, this book is about communication. 

As we all know, communication is a two-way street, and Stop Asking "How Was Your Day?" alternates the queries with “Lead by Example” sections that prompt parents to share something from their own experiences to help them connect with their children.


"Full of creative ideas to deepen our conversations with children, and make them a lot more fun too!" —Dr. Yarrow Dunham, Associate Professor of Developmental Psychology, Yale University

"Meaningful conversations between parents and teachers create memories and deepen relationships. Crawford's book offers many charming and often thought-provoking suggestions on how to start an after-school conversation with a child. I particularly appreciated the questions that evoked empathy by encouraging children to be more observant about their peers." —Sandee McClowry, PhD, RN, FAAN, Author of Your Child's Unique Temperament

Author Bio

Daniel J Crawford is a writer and father from Michigan. He writes solution-oriented parenting books, fiction, and screenplays.